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food has the power to change the world.

Ogi arrived in California as an international student to study and live. She started her journey by working at a restaurant, which she eventually purchased after six years of dedication and hard work. Ogi's passion for business drove her to take over the restaurant and turn it into her own.

To further enhance her business acumen and understand the legal aspects of running a business, Ogi pursued education in both business and law schools. Her goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the system and the laws that govern the business environment in which she operated.

After acquiring the restaurant, Ogi focused on improving and modifying the menu, particularly on creating a signature sauce. The sauce became immensely popular among customers, and they frequently requested to take some home. Initially, the sauce was packed in small containers, but as demand grew, customers started asking for larger portions. Ogi realized that she had created something that people truly loved and that her sauce had become a staple on their tables, whether for daily cooking, family meals, or even at parties.

Good On Everything

“Can I take some of that sauce home?”
It was clear that we had created something people loved.

Ajimori sauces are not only delicious but also have the power to enhance the flavors of various dishes.

By using the finest Japanese-sourced ingredients and putting her heart and soul into the creation process, Ogi developed a line of sauces that had customers eagerly lining up.

When you put out your favorite Aji Mori sauce at your next meal, we hope that you enjoy a delicious moment that you’ll remember for years.
“Good on everything” is a way of life.
Set your table for good food, great company and Aji Mori.

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